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Building progress of kit number 90481

After taking a 2-day class in aircraft construction and metalworking in December, I started building during the first week of January, 2002.  I averaged about 1 1/2 hours a day since then and had 736 hours in the project as of the end of April, 2003.  On my one year anniversary, I had 570 hours and had nearly completed the airframe.  Although I didn't track my hours during the last months of construction, I estimate that it took about 1200 hours to complete.   First flight was on Feb 22, 2004, about 26 months after I started.

Daily Construction Log (year 1)
Daily Construction Log (year 2)

The shop/tool selection

Kit progress

Empennage (tail)  Started Jan 02

Wings Started May 02
Wings (2)
Wings (3)

Fuselage   Started Sept 20, 02
Fuselage (2)
Fuselage (3)
Fuselage (4)
Fuselage (5)

Firewall Forward (Engine)
Firewall Forward (2)
Firewall Forward (3)
Firewall Forward (4) (lots of engine installation photos)

Finishing kit (Canopy, cowl)
Finishing (2)
Finishing (3)

Wiring (2)

Final steps 
Final steps (2)  



EFIS install     (Click here for other EFIS/One pictures)
Autopilot Servo Installation 
Sensor Wiring

Paint ideas - (in the paint shop .. pictures coming soon!