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What's new? 


Feb 7 - Painted at last!   Just got the plane back and it looks great.

Jan 11 - Web site clean up and a little re-design

Jan 8 - IN THE PAINT SHOP!   Told you I'd get to it soon!   Grady at GLO Custom (52F) had someone who couldn't get their plane to him in time so I flew over there and helped him fill the opening.  Should be back in a few weeks.

Added a new RV9 photo.

I haven't updated my "LINKS" page in a while.  If you have an RV web site (or any web site, really) I'd love to add a link to your site if you can add a link to my site too.

Jan 1 - It has been a long time since I've added anything new to this site.  I hope you're still finding this site useful.
I've recently hit 200 hours on the plane, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.  There have been a couple of maintenance issues, such as a couple of small cracks in the elevator skin at the furthest aft rivets that attach the stiffeners.  I've drilled out the last rivet on the bottom side, filled the gap between the top and bottom stiffeners with a blob of RTV, and replaced the rivet with a pop rivet to keep that area from flexing.
I still don't have the plane painted yet, but I really do plan to do this soon.  I mean it this time!

I've been doing some updates to the "flying RV9s" section so you might see some new and updated photos there.  There have been several planes that have been sold to new owners and/or received new paint.

You might also notice I've added Google AdSense ads to the left side of each page to help offset the cost of hosting this site. 

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May 12 - I received a couple of new RV9 photos and posted them.  I don't hunt them down like I used to... if you send me a photo, I'll be glad to post it though!
It has been quite a while since I've updated the web site.  I'm still flying a lot and enjoying the plane.  I spent several months this winter working on fiberglass and getting ready for paint.  Also went through the first condition inspection in March.  Still no paint yet... that's on the agenda for this summer.  

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12-07  - New RV9 photos

10-30  - New RV9 photos.   Performance testing.

9-15 - Finally got carpet installed and seats covered.
Posted lots of new RV9 photos. (Thanks Dan!)

8-2 - Posted my (almost) trip to Oshkosh.  New RV9 photo.

7-19 - I have over 100 hrs on the plane now and am enjoying every minute of it.  Posted a few photos from some flights during July.   Also, new RV9 photos (N84GM)

6-9 - posted a series of firewall forward/engine photos

6-4 - posted a "first flight video" and a couple new completed RV9s

5-20 - Added pictures taken during final assembly.  Added new RV9 photo.

5-19 - Added a page for flights and travels.  

5-12 - Added some new first flight and inflight pictures.

5-12 - Moved the site to a new URL.  Update your bookmark using the link on the home page.  Added back the empennage and wing pages.

70 hrs on the plane.  I've been to Sun-n-fun, TEX (almost rained out), and Pecan Plantation over the last few weeks.  SWRFI is next if it doesn't rain!

4-07 - 55 hrs on the plane (no wonder the site hasn't been updated!) Some minor page changes.  First flight data link added to first flight page.
I'm planning on attending Sun-n-fun (Sat/Sun in HBC), TEX flyin, Pecan Plantation fly-in, and SWRFI).
I've been battling a few leaky rivets in one tank (use more proseal!) but nothing else major.  Wheel pants are on... should have done that weeks ago. Much better engine cooling and speed!

3-17 - 22 hrs on the plane so far and having a ball!  Some people had been asking about the panel, so I took a few closeups and posted them on a page.

2-22 FIRST FLIGHT!   Lots has happened during the last month and I'll try to continue filling in with photos and pictures, but for now, I'm going flying!
See this page for photos, etc.

1-28  More photos of completed RV9s... seems like everyone is finishing but me!  First engine start was last weekend.  There are a couple of electrical issues to work out, but other than that and I'm ready for my final inspection if the weather stays nice!

1-1  I've put a few pictures on a "recent photos" page, which will have to do until I have more space to post the rest.  I've spent the last few days getting the wings installed, and have been finishing off many other details.  

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12-8 Still crossing stuff off the list.  Hopefully going to the airport next week if a hangar comes available.  I have a lot of new construction photos, but no more room on this site to post them.  Make a referral to Vans with my builder number!  (90481) A lot of updates to the completed RV9 pages.  (hard to keep up with the number being completed lately)

11-18  I noticed it has been over a month since my last update.  I'm still working a lot of hours on the plane, and the number of "little things" to finish up is unbelievable.  Problem is, each "little thing" takes many hours of work before you can cross it off the list.   I am getting close to the day where I won't have anything left to do in the garage, and must move it to the airport.  Added a couple of sensor wiring photos.

10-13 Mapbox closeups and ELT installation on the wiring page.  Fiberglass photos on the empennage page. Engine sensor wire routing on the Firewall Forward page.  New RV9 photos.
I've been working on fiberglass tips and gear fairings for the last few weeks.. I'd rather finish it now than after I'm flying.

10-3 Added EFIS/One Sensor wiring info

9-10 A new RV9 photo.  I finally riveted the bottom wing skins.  There are some new photos on the wiring page. Lastly, some pictures of the oil door that can be found on the firewall forward page.

9-2 Several new RV9 photos... thanks to those of you that have sent photos in and let me know of first flights when you see info about them on the web.  Seems like a lot of people are completing 9s now.. and I should be joining them soon!

8-25 Two more RV9 photos - Not much else to report.. still really hot in the shop so it is hard to make much progress - just ordering electrical parts and installing them when I can

8-11 Two new RV9 photos - No other new photos.. still adding one wire at a time.

8-4 Two new RV9 photos  - electrical wiring photos - updated schematic

7-28 I've begun the electrical wiring phase.. initial schematic posted

7-15 new RV9 picture and Firewall Forward photos

7-10 updated builder's log - a new RV9 has been added

6-25 new firewall forward shots

6-17 - new RV9 picture, engine installation and lots of tedious cowl fitting work

5-22 On the gear and mounted the engine!

5-11 New finishing photos, and a new photo on the wing 3 page. 

5-9 New Finishing kit 3 page.  New RV9 picture.

5-5 New finishing kit photos.  New EFIS autopilot servo photos.  Updated log.

4-22 New RV9 picture, and some updated photos taken at Sun-n-fun, EFIS/One photos

4-15 EFIS/One installation page added

4-7 Pictures from Sun-n-fun  (removed to make space)

3-26 - New completed RV9 photo

3-23 cutting the canopy in two...

3-20 more canopy cutting photos and brake mounting

3-17 new completed RV9 photo

3-9 updated builders log, some canopy pics and autopilot servo mounting pictures

3-7 - Sorry, nothing new recently as the weather has been cold and work has been really busy.  Fitting the canopy is the next step, and I don't want to mess it up!

2-24 new Completed RV9 photos

2-16 new photos on Finish kit and fuselage 5 pages.  updated builders log

1-28  new photos on the Firewall forward, Finish kit, and Fuselage 5 pages.

1-18 2 new completed RV9 photos!

1-16 Updated log - added new Fuselage page 5, Finish kit and Firewall forward pages - added a new completed RV9 photo

1-3 Updated log - Fuselage progress - another new completed RV9 photo


12-17 New Fuselage page #4 - Painting  - updated log

12-10 Not much progress to report - I have been painting some interior parts and it is slow going.
I'm pretty much taking a building break because of all the holiday events and travel.  

11-12 Fuselage progress and updated log (over 500 hours now!)

11-3 Fuselage progress and updated log

10-27 Fuselage progress and updated log

10-12 Fuselage progress and updated log 

9-30 Fuselage progress and updated log

9-22 Fuselage building progress updated - VANS TOUR - and RV10 photos

9-20 New Completed RV9 photo added.   Not much progress to report over the last month as my travel schedule has been particularly busy.   

9-2 New flap photos on Wing 3 page and updated building log

8-21 New Fuselage page - a new wing page

8-18  wing progress and tank photos

8-13  Another new RV9 photo

8-8  Tank photos

7-31  Another new RV9 photo

7-29  More wing progress pictures

7-22   A couple of new RV9 photos have been added.