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bulletVan's Aircraft - Web site for Van's Aircraft
bulletVan's Air Force - The best source for items of interest to RV builders and pilots

Other Builder Sites

bulletVan's list of builder sites
bulletSmitty's RV - RV9A
bulletGary Newsted - RV9A
bulletAndy Karmy - RV9A
bulletDon Alexander - RV9A
bulletDan Checkoway - RV7
bulletShreyans Shah - RV9A
bulletJim - RV9A
bulletTodd Bartrim - RV9A
bulletChris Heitman - RV9A
bulletRon Heberlein - RV9A

Products I'm using

bulletBlue Mountain Avionics - An alternative to traditional aircraft instruments and engine gauges. (for experimental aircraft)
bulletAero Sport Power - Aircraft engines
bulletDuckworks - HID landing lights


bulletAircraft Extras - Tip-up/slider canopy modification

Off the wall

bulletClay's RV - absolutely no relation to me.

Do you have a site you'd like to see listed here?  Send me an email.