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The plane I built is a Van's RV-9A.   The kit is from a company called "Van's Aircraft" and it is named after the initials of the designer and company founder, Richard VanGrunsven.  Van's has sold thousands and thousands of kits, and well over 4,000 of their airplane kits are now flying. (with over one a day being completed)  This is far and away the most of any airplane kit manufacturer.

Each of the airplane kits from Van's Aircraft is designated with a number and letter.  (not too original, but it works)  The "A" designates a "tricycle" or nose gear airplane.  Otherwise, it is a tailwheel configuration.

The RV-9(A) is a fairly recent model from Van's.  It is designed to be an efficient cross-country airplane, that is more stable and has a lower landing speed than the other Van's models.  It is not designed to be aerobatic like the RV3, RV4, RV6, RV7, or RV8.

All of the kits are aluminum construction, with preformed fiberglass parts for the cowl, wing tips, and wheel pants.

The RV9A has a maximum speed of around 180 mph using a 160HP engine and fixed pitch prop.  It seats 2 people, and can hold 100lbs of baggage.  It will fly 700 miles on full tanks at 178 mph, or 1000 miles at 150 mph.. The empty weight is about 1040 lbs and max. weight is approx 1750lbs.  (36 gal of fuel weighs 216 lbs, leaving 494 lbs for pilot, passenger, and baggage.)










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